We Do Believe and Practice Ecumenism


LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC believe and practice Ecumenism.

Our Founding Pastor, Rev.Crescencio Agbayani Jr.was a recipient of the Bishop La Verne Mercado Award in Ecumenics.


What is Ecumenism?

Ecumenism refers to efforts by Christians of different church traditions to develop closer relationships and better understandings. The term is also often used to refer to efforts towards the visible and organic unity of different Christian Churches in some form.

The adjective ecumenical can also be applied to any interdenominational initiative that encourages greater cooperation among Christians and their churches, whether or not the specific aim of that effort is full, visible unity.

The terms ecumenism and ecumenical come from the Greek οἰκουμένη (oikoumene), which means “the whole inhabited world”, and was historically used with specific reference to the Roman Empire. The ecumenical vision comprises both the search for the visible unity of the Church (Ephesians 4:3) and the “whole inhabited earth” (Matthew 24:14) as the concern of all Christians.


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