The Holy Union of Rosanna Roces and Blessy Arias #MapanghusgangMundoAyBabaguhin




Actress Rosanna Roces married her lesbian partner Blessy Arias in a private resort in Antipolo on Saturday.

The ceremony was held at Alexa’s Secret Garden and officiated by Rev. Agbayani Crescencio, Jr., founder of LGBTS Christian Church, Inc., an ecumenical institution based in Quezon City that affirms and accepts gays, lesbians, and transgenders.

Their union was only symbolic because Philippine law does not recognize same-sex unions. Among the sponsors and witnesses were actress Nora Aunor and director Adolfo Alix Jr.


Roces and Arias first met and had a relationship when Roces was 15, but they only met again last year, 27 years later. Roces was previously married to businessman Tito Molina and has two children and a grandson.


Born as Jennifer Cruz Adriano, Roces shot to fame in the early 1990s as the sexy star of Seiko Films potboilers before achieving legitimacy in sexy dramas like “Ligaya ang Itawag Mo sa Akin” helmed by Carlitos Siguion Reyna. She also became a star on television as a co-host of the GMA talk show “Star Talk.”


In her marriage vow, Roces expressed she could no longer see living her life without Arias.

“Kinakain ko ngayon yung mga salita ko, na masarap mamuhay nang mag isa. Walang toxic, walang gulo, wala ako iniintindi, walang pagseselosan. Wala akong iintindihin habang buhay. Kinakain ko ngayon lahat yun kasi hindi ko ma-imagine ang buhay na wala ka,” she told Arias.