2016 LGBT MASS WEDDING Guidelines


LGBT Mass Wedding 2016

June 26, 2016 Quezon City, Philippines

2016 MASS LGBT WEDDING Guidelines:

1. You only have to pay a minimal amount of Two Thousand Pesos (₱2,000) that covers the following equipments needed for the Ceremony:

– Venue Rental – Sound System Rental – Food for all the attendees – Fresh flower arrangements – Decorations – Other miscellaneous expenses during the event

2. The couple who wants to participate in the LGBT Mass Wedding must first attend the Wedding Counselling and Orientation.

Conducted every Sundays at 4 PM. Can also be done at the convenient time and day of the Couples so long as Rev. Crescencio Agbayani Jr. or Rev. Roil Cornelio or Pastor Macario Sangcap is available.

For confirmation, simply send them a message on the given number below and kindly wait for a reply:


3. The following are the wedding elements that will be used during the ceremony which shall be provided by the couples:

– Wedding Rings – Veil – Cord – Arras – Bible – Unity Candles (1 Big & 2 Small)

4. It is advised that only 3 maximum guests are allowed per Couple.

If you wish to invite more guests, you have to shoulder the extra expenses for their food.

Sharing extra food during the event is encouraged especially for the couples who invited more guests.

5. The last day for registration shall be two weeks before the event, June 26, 2016. Extensions are not allowed.

6. The Couples will be informed about the venue ONLY during the Wedding Counselling and Orientation.

Please note that if you are unable to attend the Orientation, you are not allowed to participate on the Grand Mass LGBT Holy Union Rite.

7. For more information, feel free to contact us at 09955086788.

LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC. is located at 4 Auditing St., Proj 8, Quezon 13241416_1062720977141704_4629141234605747217_n