The Form of Worship of the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH in the Philippines is blended worship. Our Order of Worship is named “Liturship”. Liturship is a combine word of Liturgy and Worship.

We have Praise and Worship Songs, mostly adapted from Hillsongs and other evangelical-pentecostal songs. We have also songs adapted from the Roman Catholic hymnals. For we believe that music is  universal and inclusive form of expression of one’s soul.

LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH practice and promote Ecumenism in all Worship Services. There is no exclusivity in Communion, all are welcome to the Table of the Lord. You do not need to be a member to receive the Holy Communion.

In the Philippines, we celebrate our weekly Worship Service every Sunday at 5PM. We are located at 4 Auditing St., GSIS Village, Proj 8 QC.

Sept 28 2014 Liturship



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