LGBTS Christian Churches believe in Ecumenical Christianity

Ecumenical Christianity is a movement to bring Christian denominations closer together, with the ultimate goal being the reunification of all of Christianity. It’s mainly comprised of Protestant denominations and the Catholic Church, but there are also a couple of Orthodox Churches involved in it.

LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCHES believe, promote, and practice Ecumenical Christianity. We believe that all organized religions, faiths, creeds are correct and must be respected as such.

LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCHES recognized that spirituality brings unity.

LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCHES belive that salvation belongs to GOD.

Ecumenical Christianity hope to bring ALL People to God through dialogue, respect and understanding.

LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCHES respect all religions, Christian denominations and sects.

We are here to spread love not hate, unity not division, acceptance not intolerance. For we believe that God made us all for our own purposes and mission in life. To bring all People to God.

lgbtscc new logo. walnag pagtatangi


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