Ordination of Mayong Balaoro as the Pastoral Leader of the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH-HONGKONG last July 2014

Marrz Balaoro was commissioned by Rev.Ceejay Agbayani, to be the Pastoral Leader and Founding Pastor of LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH-HONGKONG last July 2012.

LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH-HONGKONG was officially launch as a community of believers through a public worship led by Pastor Marrz Balaoro on December of the same year.

Pastor Marrz Balaoro also known as Mayong was ordained and commissioned at the Bahay Beki during the Public Worship Service sometime in July 2012. He was given the Certificate of Ordination by Rev.Ceejay Agbayani so that he can officiate all the Sacraments and Rites of the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH including the Rite of Holy Union.

Pastor Mayong is also the Founding organizer of Filguys Hongkong. Marrz Balaoro is openly lesbian but he identified himself as a transman. He is married to Irene Colez

Herewith is his Facebook Account, to him more.




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