Wedding of Rein and james

Wedding of Rein and james

Last April 15, 2014, Rein Fabella and james Woodford tie the knot officiated by Rev.Ceejay Agbayani of the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC. at the UP Diliman’s Bonzai Garden in Quezon City.

Rein Fabella is a transgender Filipina and James Woodford is US citizen straight man. Indeed, love has no gender.

Same Sex Weddings in the Philippines is a private ceremony for two consenting adult. It is not legal because there is no Marriage Equality Law yet in the country. It is not illegal because it is a church wedding rite ceremony under the religious society of the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC.

For more details about it, feel free to text or call 09152904310 or email us at

LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC. is located at 4 AUDITING ST., GSIS Village, Proj 8 Quezon City. Our Senior Pastor is Rev.Ceejay Agbayani.

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Same Sex Marriage or Same Sex Weddings in the Philippines

Same Sex Marriage or Same Sex Weddings in the Philippines

Same Sex Marriage or Same Sex Wedding in the Philippines is two different thing but have same goal.

Marriage has legal entity while wedding is a church rite conducted by the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC.

The Rite of Holy Union or Commitment Ceremony or Wedding is a church ritual for two consenting adults. Man to Man, Female to Female, Transgender Woman and Man, Transgender Man and Woman. Love has no gender. It is a Union of Two Souls.

For more information about it, please text or call 09152904310 or email us or

LGBTS Bonding Retreat 2014 in Puerto Galera

LGBTS Bonding Retreat 2014 in Puerto Galera

Last March 29 to 30, 2014, the LGBTS Christian Church Inc. organized the 1st Annual Retreat in Puerto Galera will 10 LGBT and Intersex participating the historical event.

The Sacrament of Baptism in immersion ritual was presided by Rev.Ceejay, Rev.Kenneth and Pastor Macmac at the beach infront of our retreat place early morning on Sunday March 30, 2014.

Rev.Kenneth was our Retreat Master.

Small Luk from Hongkong shared her activism on Intersex rights and causes after the Dinner Fellowship on Saturday night.

We left the place, renewing our commitment to bring Good news to all people in the Philippines and in Asia. The Best Is Yet To Come.

To God Be All The Glory!

Interested to be a member, text or call 09152904310

Ptr Macmac Sangcap was Commission To Officiate Weddings for Same Sex Couples

Ptr Macmac Sangcap was Commission To Officiate Weddings for Same Sex Couples

On March 23, 2014, Ptr.Macmac Sangcap was commissioned To Officiate Weddings by Rev.Ceejay Agbayani, the Founding Pastor of the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC., with some other clergy from different denomination, Ptr. Leo, Ptr Omeng and Rev.Kenneth.

The ceremony was done at the House church in Proj8, Quezon City during the public Sunday Worship Service of the said church.

Ptr Macmac Sanchez is a native from Pampanga.

To know about him and his contact number, please email us at or visit us every Sunday at 4 Auditing St., GSIS Village, Proj 8 QC.

Global Interfaith Network Condemns Anti-Gay Laws in Nigeria and Uganda.



On 7 January 2014, Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan signed an extraordinarilyrepressive bill into law: the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill criminalises Lesbians andGays in Nigeria. The law also criminalises anyone who advocates for human rights forLGBTI people.


After months of delay, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, signed the Anti HomosexualityBill in to law on 24 February 2014; the law makes some homosexual acts, namely“aggravated homosexuality” punishable by life in prison.


The new laws in both Nigeria and Uganda, which add to previously existing legislation,mandates years in jail for people in same-sex relationships. According to existing laws,consensual same-sex activity is punishable by the death penalty in Northern Nigeria.


The new law has unleashed a wave of anti-lgbt violence across Nigeria and Uganda; manypeople have lost their homes, their jobs and live in fear of their lives. There have been reportsof mass-arrests and on Sunday 9 February, the New York Times reported that a court inNigeria’s Bauchi State publicly whipped a man after being convicting him of havingconsensual sex with another man.


Naome Ruzindana, a Ugandan human rights defender now based in Sweden but still verymuch involved in the struggle, commented, “Museveni’s statements are contradictory, oncehe said Uganda does not have gay persons, another time, he said the only problem isexhibition of sexuality is not in the African tradition which meant he acknowledged theirexistence but his problem was their action in public.”


On 30th January, a video of two gay men forced to perform sex acts with each other in publicin Nigeria went viral. The video shows a mob of people jeering and abusing the victims asthey were forced to perform in a way that was both degrading and humiliating.


“Shocking… many Nigerians are still ignorant of the full implications of the antigay law andextent to which it criminalizes everyone for everything” says Dorothy AkenOva,spokesperson for the ‘Coalition for the Defense of Sexual Rights’ Nigeria. She continues,”Our success to repeal this law or render it redundant lies in building alliances and masseducation on the content of the bill”.


On 24 February, Uganda’s Red Pepper Newspaper published the names and photographs of200 people known to be gay or lesbian and incited further violence and arrest under the newlaw.


“It is totally sickening,” said Ugandan refugee Stosh Nate Jovan.


Not only does the law violate Nigeria and Uganda’s own constitutionally-guaranteed right tofreedom of assembly, it also contravenes many of the international treaties ratified by bothcountries. UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay had this to say about the law:“


Rarely have I seen a piece of legislation that in so few paragraphs directly violates so manybasic, universal human rights.” She added, “Rights to privacy and non-discrimination, rightsto freedom of expression, association and assembly, rights to freedom from arbitrary arrestand detention: this law undermines all of them.”


The Global Interfaith Network strongly condemns the undemocratic and discriminatory lawsand calls on Nigeria and Uganda to meet their obligations under international human rightslaw. We believe that under no circumstances can religious belief sanction or allow thealienation and violence which these bills are already inciting against people simply on thegrounds of their sexual orientation.


GLOBAL INTERFAITH NETWORK  urges the Nigerian and Ugandan government to:


• Ensure that the human rights of LGBTI individuals and human rightsdefenders are not violated.

• To reject and repeal discriminatory laws and eliminate all existing legislationthat discriminates based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

• To take measure to recognise the health, safety and rights of all minorities.




Global Interfaith Network

We envision a just world in which the dignity, faith, spirituality and human rights ofpersons of all sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions arehonoured, supported, and protected.

LGBTSCC Commissioning “To Officiate Weddings” Ceremony Rite of Ptr. Macmac Sangcap on March 23, 2014

LGBTSCC Commissioning To Wed Ceremony Rite of Ptr. Macmac on March 23, 2014

On March 23, 2014, the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC will commission “To Officiate Weddings” our Associate Pastor Macario S. Sangcap during the Sunday Worship Service on March 23, 2014 at the House church in Proj 8 Quezon City.

Rev.Ceejay Agbayani, the Founding Pastor shall lead the commissioning ceremony rite with the presence of friends from different protestant denominations in the Philippines.

You are all invited to attend.

A simple fellowship dinner with follow after the service.

We are located at 4 Auditing St., GSIS Village, Proj 8 Quezon City, Philippines. Our mobile number is 09152904310

Free Mass Same Sex Wedding on June 21, 2014 in Quezon City, Philippines

Free Mass Same Sex Wedding on June 21, 2014 in Quezon City, Philippines


FREE MASS SAME SEX WEDDING on June 21, 2014 in Quezon City, Philippines (Venue to be announced)

Interested LGBT Couples, please feel free to contact Rev.Ceejay Agbayani at 09152904310 or email him at or thu

May 31, 2014 is the final regsitration. Only top 50 couples are allowed to participate.

All couples must undergo Wedding Counselling con Orientation.


Vision and Mission of the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC.

Vision and Mission of the LGBTS CHRISTIAN CHURCH INC.

VISION We envision a Church that is Christ- Centered affirming all regardless of sexes, sexual orientations, gender identities & expressions, promoting advocacies and endeavors toward equality and acceptance.

MISSION We are committed to bring the Good News to all people through servitude, social movement, and by providing a safe space for worship, fellowship, and spiritual maturity.

An Invitation for the 1st LGBTS and Friends Bonding Retreat in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro March 29-30, 2014

The 1st LGBTS and Friends Bonding Retreat in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro March 29-30, 2014

We are inviting you all, to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Straight friends, allies and supporters for our 1st LGBTS and Friends Bonding Retreat 2014 in Puerto Galera on March 29-30.

Target Budget for fare, food, and accommodation is between 2,500 to 3,000.

Meeting Place and Time on March 29, 2014, Saturday Madaling araw 2:00 AM: Jam Liner Terminal in Kamuning, QC near Lutheran Church in Edsa.

For more info txt or call 09152904310. Look for Rev.Ceejay Agbayani

Herewith is the online Registration.

My Reflection After the Symposium on Same Sex Marriage last Feb 14, 2014


Nais ko lang mag sulat patungkol sa naging karanasan ko kahapon sa Symposium ng UE College of Law sa Integrated Bar of the Philippines.

I have to admit mega excited ako nnung may nag imbita talaga sa akin from UE College of Law dahil naghahanap ako ng kakamping lawyers na magsusulong ng Marriage Equality sa Pilipinas.

Alam nyo naman ako always nakabantay sa nangyayari sa USA, at talagang hangang hanga ako sa galing ng mga lawyers at LGBT activists sa US kung paano nila naisulong ng bonggang bongga ang Marriage Equality.

Same Sex Marriage is not a religious battle but on legal battle talaga naman. So excited na excited akong marinig ang punto de vista ng mga presenter ng same sex marriage. High hopes ako dun. Pero na sad lang ako when the Main Presenter, a retired lay judge presented her two-hour talk on same sex marriage and ended up to be the lawyer-presenter for the stand of the Roman church against same sex marriage. She even started with cell-sperm presentation and concluding it with the statement from Cardinal Ratzinger also known as Pope Benedict XVI. Kaya nga yung isang pari from Sacred Heart sa QC ay konte na lang ang sinabi dahil halos sinakop na nung retired woman judge ang stand ng Roman church. Well I found out that the retired woman judge is a law graduate from UST, Now I understand.

Kating kati na akong mag react, nasa program na ako ang unang reactor, pero pinasingit si father abraham has man children dahil may pupunatahan pa daw ang lolo mo. so instead na ako ang mag sasalita eh siya muna mabuti na lang ang konte na lang sinabi nya at ako naman..

To be honest, ngayon lang ako kinabahan sa aking talk, dahil alam ko ang audience ko ay mga future lawyers at mga laywers talaga plus karamihan na nasarahapan ko ay mga babaeng nakapang muslim ang outfits so parang nawiwindang aketch. actually lutang nga ako ng konte pero siyempre dapat good posture and confident ang peg mo kapag ganun din.

So yun na nga, I presented my points, with powerpoint pa.

Of course as always dapat may konteng jokes sa presentation para naman mabuhayan sila dahil nung unang nag salita ay so nakaka antok na. so nagising ko naman ang kanilang mga diwa sa mga gay lingo chuness churvaloo.. you known na!

Then nag present yung isang clinical psycologist, the yung Guidance head ng UE Caloocan na si Mrs Moog, bata pa siya at supporter ng LGBT ang naging kakampi ko sa symposium ay yung dalawang base sa scientific expertise nila na hindi masama ang maging LGBT.

And of course ang mga nating antin ay yung representation from the Islam religion, the Roman church and the Main speaker. pero hati naman ang audience. may mga supporters din naman sa mga pro-same sexmarriage.

May isang dumating na Baptist Enagelical pastor ata yun na may hawak na biblia at nag comment during the open forum na distorted daw ang aking presentation on Biblical text. He even encourage the audience to read the bible. Mabuti naman at tumayo si Raymond Sebastian na nakatshirt na itim na may sulat na “HUSBAND” ang kanyang suot na nagbigay ng kanyang pagtutol sa sinabi nung isang evangelical baptist pastor. At bonggang bongga nyang winindang siya! Mabuti na lang may kasama ako talaga nung symposium.

Dahil nga sa sobrang late na symposium maraming nais mag salita pero kulang na ng time patapos na ang symposium, may isang audience na kinuha ang mic nagbukas ng biblia ay binasahan kami, natatawa na lang ang mga tao dahil habang binabasa nya eh nangininig ninag binasa kitang kita sa paghahawak nya ng biblia. hinayaan naman siyang mag salita at sabi nya ang biblia daw ay hindi nagbabago itinaas pa nya. Sa isip isip ko, tagala hindi nagbabago ? eh pang ilang translation na kaya yung hawak nyang biblia?

So the moderator ng symposium insisted the awarding of the certificate of appreciation should be given to all guests.

Formally natapos kami sa pamamagitan ng isang group picture.


May ilang bagay lang akong napansin:

“Ok sa amin ang mga bakla pero hindi ang act.”

Ang sagot ko lagi dito ay, Anong masama sa homosexual act kung bakla naman kami? Kasama ng pagkatao namin ang act dapat hindi ninyo hinihiwalay yun. And besides walang masama sa homsoexual acts kung homosexual naman kami , di ba?!


Anong pagkakaiba ng lifestyle ng mga bading sa lifestyle ng mga straights? We eat, we drink , we sleep.. ganun din kami. walang pinagkaiba. Or dahil party party ang mga bakla? Di ba ang mga straights din naman party party! or dahil pervert daw ang mga bakla? Di ba ang mga straights din naman ang ilang ay perverts? Bakit kailangang izero in ang mga sexual immoralities sa mga bakla? Homosexauls are good people. We are not bad people. Do not demonize us and make your self malinis in the eyes of your bigotry and biases di ba?!

I hope you were all there during the symposium para ma witness yung nangyari. This is the only written account na maisusulat ko po. Hindi ako kagalingang mag sulat may madaldal ako in person mag kwento eh. Sana maikwento ko sa inyo ang lahat.

Muli akong nagpapasalamat kina Raymond and Charles sa kanilang malakasang loob na mag suot ng “HUSBAND”  during the whole symposium and even after.. plus sa mga Queereye members na sina Grace at Sweet.. specially kay Grace na all pink talaga ang outfit at kay Loyd na aking bodyguard :)


and again sa UE College of Law kay Charmaine and Ian na nag email at tumawag pa sa imbitasyon. Pagpalain kayo ng dakilang Maykapal.

For more info about Same Sex Marriage, Same Sex Weddings in the Philippines, feel free to text or call 09152904310 or email me at I will be happy to assist you.




Now I realized that the Project Philippine Interfaith LGBT Conference ay kailangang ituloy na. Sana may mag fund ng project na ito.


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